RUSSELL WOLFF - Producer, mixer, songwriter, guitar, piano, vocals, nice Jewish boy.

Creative Octopus, Russell Wolff. A Harvard grad who has been involved in many aspects of the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He began his career in theater in NYC; later opening & touring with bands signed to Atlantic Records, playing to venues throughout the USA & Europe while releasing 6 albums. In the years since, he has produced upwards of 30 albums, worked with everyone from LL Cool J to Martina McBride, licensed music on MTV, built relationships throughout Nashville, LA, Boston & New York & used those relationships to propel the careers of artists. He is a voting member of the Grammys in four categories and a member of ASCAP. Wolff tours on piano, guitar, vocal & is available to run FOH sound for tours. You can see him in clips playing for Martina McBride, as well as Fox Morning News, PBS, in shows with Sugarland, Miranda Lambert, Michelle Branch, Little Big Town, Lloyd Maines and many more. Recently produced & mixed the debut album from James Wolpert of NBC's The Voice, later touring with him. Recently returned from Israel where he produced and mixed an album of Israeli & American artists. His productions have been mastered by Emily Lazar, Richard Dodd, Jim Demain, Howie Weinberg, and Chris Athens.

GABE PRICE - Asst. Engineer

Mixer, Engineer

Born & raised in New Jersey, Gabe Price began his stint in audio production by recording bedroom demos of his own music, playing every instrument and engineering to make up for lack of a band & proper studio. After his first trip to Nashville to record his debut EP with Russell Wolff & Vance Powell, Gabe left his traditional college to pursue a formal education in studio engineering from The Blackbird Academy run by John McBride. Since his graduation, Gabe continues to navigate the worlds of songwriting, engineering, mixing, and mastering. He joined the KRAZY POP family with a burning passion to make great records with great artists.

Steve Marcantonio is a Grammy Award winning engineer, an American original, and true legend in the music world. He is available for projects at his discretion. Steve is a New Yorker, a great Italian-American, a mensch, and a friend. He has worked with everyone from the late great John Lennon to Taylor Swift. In fact, Steve was one of the last people to see John alive. “I had just left him when he was shot,” said Marcantonio, who has worked with Vince Gill, Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift and many other Music City recording artists. “His death and life had a profound effect on me and the trajectory of my career... John had a real affinity for the sound engineer,” Marcantonio said. “He was really good to all of us and very respectful of us as we made records with him.” The impact John Lennon left on Steve is evident in the excitement and passion that he  brings to every project. We are proud to have him as part of our family. Fun fact: Steve recently had a delicious sandwich named after him.



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